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We love Phyto professional products for their adherence to NATURAL and BOTANICAL formulas, as well as GREAT RESULTS,  and carry a full line-up of their products to suit your specific hair-color and hair-type needs.

“For over 50 years, PHYTO has been a leader in plant-based hair care and salon quality formulas. Our products embrace the principle that healthy hair begins at the root. Built on a heritage of craftsmanship and cutting edge scientific advancements, PHYTO boasts the highest concentrations of pure plant extracts in today’s beauty market. Our formulas are 95 to 100% natural overall. As one of the world’s most respected brands, PHYTO is recognized as a symbol of performance, expertise and timeless beauty.”


(Ask about our monthly FREE “Customer Appreciation” events where you can receive scalp and hair treatments provided by professionally trained PHYTO experts)


We love Screen for their sophisticated, refined styling products that are without equal in the marketplace.  If you’re tired of heavy, over-scented gels, creams, and sprays, stop in or buy online to make the switch to products that are redefining what professional styling products should be.



A great line-up of no-nonsense and affordable men’s grooming products.


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